Saturday, March 17, 2012

Cord Blood Cures Girl's Brain Injury

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PINEVILLE, MO (KTVI)– A Pineville, Missouri mother is spreading the word about cord blood banking and how it saved the life of her child.
Tonya Morris is spending quality time with her daughters Sunshine and 5-year-old Sparrow.
These special moments are especially important for Sparrow. In 2008, at 1 year old she was found face down in the family’s swimming pool.  She didn’t have a pulse or oxygen for 45 minutes causing severe brain damage that put her in a vegetative state.
A year later Sparrow who was the 5th of the Morris’ 8 children received a reinfusion of her own cord blood. She was the first in the family to have it stored and the results were astonishing.
Tonya shared her story with the Missouri Nurses Conference at the Lambert Marriott to speak out about how the stem cell clinical trial procedure at Duke University saved her daughter’s life. She says the $3,000 she spent on storage was priceless.
Now this family can look forward to many years of happiness and joy with a feisty little girl who beat the odds.
Sparrow is set to start kindergarten this fall.

I continue to be amazed everyday by the power that stem cells possess. Young little "Sparrow" was given a new lease on life all because her parents made the fateful decision to bank her cord blood at birth. I hope that all families will realize how much promise cord blood stem cells hold for the future and see how important of a decision it is to save their baby's stem cells. As in the case of Sparrow, it could be a life-saving decision..............MrCordBlood

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